SciShow Space

Since 2016, I've been writing scripts for the popular YouTube show SciShow Space. I've penned everything from where the planets come from to how we can make booze in space! The short-video format requires a brisk, witty writing style—something that works well for communicating science in all sorts of venues!

Universe Today

I'm a freelance writer for Universe Today, specializing in opinion pieces and stories about planetary science.

Planetary Society: We Can Afford to Orbit Humans at Mars by 2033 (2 Apr 2015)

Will Space Play in the 2016 US Election? (30 Mar 2015)

Are Asteroids the Future of Planetary Science? (26 Jan 2015)

How Did We Find the Distance to the Sun? (4 Jan 2015)

Shooting "Color" in the Blackness of Space (2 Dec 2014)

Alone and Confused, Philae Breaks Our Hearts (16 Nov 2014)

Other Writing

Although I don't write there frequently anymore, you can visit my popular-astronomy blog Cosmic Chatter. Below is a selected list of stories I wrote there:

A Billion-Year Monument (19 July 2014)

A Short History of Pi (14 Mar 2014)

Coming Full Circle on Water in the Cosmos (26 Jan 2014)

American Science Education Is Failing (30 Dec 2013)

Below is a list of other online pieces I've written:

Why Save the Sky? (Astrobites, 29 Oct 2014)